What are Anti-Nutrients ? Look at Hidden Benefits

As we know nutrients are substances that nourish plants and animals to grow and live healthy. Interestingly, Anti-nutrients are also naturally found compounds in animals and plant-based foods having property to block the absorption of nutrients.

Anti-nutrients some times comes as blessing because they protect plants from any bacterial infections or from insect bites.

Types of Anti-Nutrient compounds:

There are several compounds in the foods we eat classified as anti-nutrients, these compounds have some benefits, but they can cause health problems if consumed in large amounts or if a person is particularly sensitive to them.

anti-nutrients types
Anti Nutrients Types

To soak or not to soak: What’s the best way to eat dry fruits and nuts?

Cooking, soaking, and sprouting certain foods can help to reduce the levels of anti-nutrients and increase the availability of nutrients. Soaking of dry fruits and nuts helps with germination, which surges their nutritional content and enhances its benefits. It’s recommended to soften the phytates and oxalates which are present in nuts outer layer avoiding nutrients like B- Vitamins for us to be able to easily absorb them easily.

Soaked Almond-sprout

Soaking of dry fruits or nuts for few hours helps to suppress these phytates and makes the nuts easier for digestion. As known fact, Proteins in the nuts get partially digested as well because of soaking. It is therefore wise decision to consume soaked almonds or nuts on a regular basis.  Additionally, consuming a varied and balanced diet can help to ensure that the body is getting all the nutrients it needs, despite the presence of anti-nutrients in some foods.


What’s the best way to eat dry fruits and nuts?

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